Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Empty Bed: Grave Yards

The Empty Bed: Grave Yards: "I didn't used to understand graveyards. I hate to admit that I used to think it was kind of silly. Then after the loss of my son..."


  1. have a reason to visit it/him. I love you! I think graveyards are such beautiful and peaceful places. I think I developed that feeling after Rachel died and I actually went to one I could remember vividly. Jesse's in the perfect location.

  2. Yes they are -- I have an understanding now I didn't before. I never got to go to Rachel's grave after the fact. It has been so long for Shacke now and she lives so far away ... she seems to have come to terms with all of it. Part of what was so hard for Shacke was watching Rachel suffer for so long. That would be so hard.

    I love you Zabel