Monday, February 21, 2011

Mother Mary

Dear Mary 

Mother of Jesus

I understand a tiny bit more 

Now -- 

Now that I've lost

my own,  dear son -- 

too young, too soon. 

Bitter tears 

at the thought of your loss --

Your suffering -- 

the suffering of your Son.

Terrible beyond imagination 

At least I never had to endure 

the pain of witnessing 

the suffering of my dear sweet son.

Tears fall for you 

his mother,  and for him

Our Savior

Who suffered the pain of all mankind

drops of blood from every pore 

Mocked and tortured -- body broken

for me .... for you

That once again 

We might rise  

alive -- renewed 

restored and whole 

Our sins washed clean

through Him ~ 

In Glory Risen 

Rejoicing in His great Love 

and sacrifice. 

That we might be with Him 

In heavenly realms above,

once more --  to be,

with those we hold so near and dear. 

Now in our hearts and memory.

Spirit and Body -- never to part. 

Thank you Mary,  Mother of God

for all you gave -- your suffering 

and sacrifice,  

that the Son of God 

might come. and through 

his great suffering,

the ultimate sacrifice for sin,

For all mankind -- redeemed 

to rise immortal once again.  

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