Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finding Purpose in Life

We had a good time at Jesse's birthday celebration.  The movie was better than we thought it would be.
We had so much fun playing 1000 Blank White Cards.  Moselle made wonderful instruction booklets with copies of some of the cards that Jesse had made.  We had such a good time playing the game.  It was so good to have friends and family there.  I love having Jesse's friends around.

Ethan and Benjiimon wrote a story that they read to all of us.  I loved it!  It was fun to read the memories that Jesse's friends and family shared of him.

Yesterday I received an email from Daily Kindness that told the story of Elena Desserich who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of five and then died at the age of 6.  It reminds me of my niece Rachel who also died of a brain tumor.  Here's the link to the facebook page for Acts of Daily Kindness and this story.
 There are a couple of videos about Elena's story.  Elena had a to do list of things she wanted to do in her life and one of the things she did was to take art lessons. Her parents kept a journal to keep family up to date on what was going on.  That journal ended up getting ready by hundreds maybe thousands of people and was published "The Notes Left Behind ... or maybe just Notes Left Behind. Elena left hundred of notes for her family and relatives that she secretly hide before she died.  Elena has inspired me again.  Jesse isn't here to share his story but I am and I want his life to make a positive difference ... even more than it already has.  I have wanted to write a book ... a book that will serve many purposes.  Mostly it is giving me hope and a purpose as I continue to pursue my life.  It can be hard to want to stick around when you feel like such a big part of you is already gone.  Finding purpose in life ... our purpose and our mission is important ... especially if  it is a challenge to want to be here.

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