Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Day Closer - Part 2

This next poem - Life Goes On -  I wrote the first day of school.  Stefen's senior year and what was supposed to be Jesse's junior year.  I attended the assembly that morning as they were doing a little memorial for Jesse.  I got the message that I could have said something much later.  I was just too out of it I guess.  It meant a lot that they did what they did.  Mrs Anderson the principle at the time was wonderful with me - us.  Mr. Welton Jesse's debate teacher and coach spoke about Jesse and did a wonderful memorial for him.

Life Goes On 

Life goes on ~ 
or so it should 
I'm told. 

But how? 
When my world, 
turned upside down
since you left 
will never ~ can never
be quite the same,
for me,
your father,
and siblings,
those who loved you,
whose lives you touched. 

Today the first day,
back to school,
without you,
You not here.

Yeah, it was touching
and sweet,
a wonderful tribute,
a moment of silence
in memory of you.
A cheer for you,
for who you are 
and your life.

Then -- not missing a beat
as if nothing had happened
the fun and frolicking 
laughter and cheering continue --

Life goes on. 

(c) Elizabeth M Allen
August 24, 2010

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