Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Day Closer - Part 3

It was 8 months ago today (March 7, 2011) that Jesse passed away.  These mensaversaries can be harder than I think they will be. Here's the poem that came to me today as I was reflecting once again on that enemy - time.

One Day Closer 

Feeling like time
the enemy
was pulling your further away
from me,
my memories of you ...

the realization 
Each day - each moment,
brings me closer
one day - one moment at a time
to when I will see you,
feel you,
hear your voice,
hug you,

Until then
I pray
Let each day be blessed
with strength and Love,
fond memories
of you and our love. 
Lead me to serve
those in need.

May my life be blessed
that when I see you again,
I will hear you say ~
"Thanks Mom -
For living with Love 
for the way you honored me,
my memory,
the way you lived 
with passion and courage."

A breath, 
and I hear my heart,

That same prayer 
I humbly offer
to my Savior Jesus
Son of God.
My hope ~
That when I behold thy face
I might hear ~

"Well done,
Thou good and faithful daughter."

Each day a gift,
a chance to love and serve,
bringing us closer
to meeting once again,
those we love,
in realms above. 

(c) Elizabeth M Allen
March 7, 2011

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