Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ifs ...

What if ...
If only ....

All the ifs in life.
What if I'd known you were having trouble?

What if I'd worked on you?
Taken better care of you?

If only I had ...
worked on you ..
taken better care of you.

Even though I know
You'd be here if it was meant to be ...

I regret that I never worked on you.
That you never told me of your pain.

Did you know?  Did your fear or suspect?
Is that why you lived with such abandon and with out fear?

What if I'd known about your pain?
What if I'd said - "No you can't go ... "

If I'd been there ... 
with you ... 
could I have kept you here?

I would have held you in my arms -- 
My baby, my son, my boy ... 

Would you still be here? Maybe?

Thanks for whispering to me --
that it needed to be the way it is,
for letting it be a little easier.

Thanks for helping to ease the pain of regret,
for answering the ifs.

Is there an easier way?
To say good bye?
To let go?

It's OK  ~

Go ~

Do ~

Be ~

Where He would have you Go,
to Do what He would have you Do,
to Be what He would have you Be ...

Elizabeth Allen - Aug 11, 2010

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